BSc Thesis Advised

  1. Orbit Determination and Analysis of Cubesat for Information Collecting Mission, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, May 2013.
  2. Design, Fabrication and Fly of an Autonomous Quad-rotor VTOL Vehicle, Cairo University, July 2012. (Won the best Mechanical Engineering Project in the Egyptian Engineering Day 2012)
  3. Design, Fabrication and Test of Rover-Back CanSat for Space Engineering Education, Cairo University, July 2012.
  4. Design, Fabrication and Fly of an Autonomous Blimp for Terrain Mapping, Cairo University, July 2011.
  5. Design, Fabrication and Test of Soda-Can Size Satellite for Space Engineering Educations, 2011.  (Won the best Mechanical Engineering Project in the Egyptian Engineering Day 2011)
  6. Design of Liquid Oxidizer Hybrid Rocket Engine, Cairo University, July 2010.
  7. Experiments of Flow Separation Suppression on the Flap Upper Surface with the Moving-Surface, Nagoya University, Feb. 2009.
  8. Modeling and Analysis of Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line, Nagoya University, Feb. 2009.
  9. Experiments on Sound Transmission Characteristics with Acoustically Induced Vibration of CFRP Thin plates, Nagoya University, Feb. 2009.
  10. Development of Test Rig for the Application of Pressure Sensitive Paint for Turbo-Machine Application, Nagoya University, Feb. 2008.
  11. Design, Fabrication and Realization Quad Rotor Flying Robot, Nagoya University, Feb. 2008.
  12. Design, Fabrication and Realization of an Acoustic Test Facility for Noise and Vibration Study of Space Launching System, Nagoya University, Feb. 2008.
  13. Experimental Investigation of Flow Field around a Canopy at Subsonic Speeds, Nagoya University, Feb. 2007.
  14. Experimental and Theoretical Study of Flow Induced Noise over Circular Cylinder at Subsonic Speeds, Cairo University, July 2006.
  15. Development of The Pressure Sensitive Paints Technique for High and Low Speed Aerodynamic Applications, Cairo University, July 2006.
  16. Experimental Investigation of Aerodynamics Characteristics of flow around Delta wing of Aspect Ratio 1.3 at Low Subsonic Speed, Cairo University, July 2005.
  17. Design, Fabrication Testing of a Supersonic Wind Tunnel for Educational Purposes, Cairo University, July 2005.
  18. Design of Short Range Civil Airplane, Institute of Aviation Engineering and Technology, Egypt, July 2004.
  19. Flow Measurements and Visualization in Subsonic Wind Tunnels, Cairo University, July 2004.