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Research work regarding 3 dimensional (3D) soft tissue imaging is very scarce, the reason behind that is that 3D imaging
modalities are either invasive, or expensive, or lack accuracy to a great extent.
Aim of the study: To develop a new, accurate and economical method for 3D soft tissue image construction to aid in the
assessment of facial esthetics.
Materials and Methods: Ten adult females were comprised in the current study. For each subject, a 3D video model
was constructed based on facial measurements taken after patient positioning using custom made patient positioning assembly.
To check the reliability of this method certain measurements were compared between the patients’ faces and the
constructed 3D models.
Results: Excellent agreement was found in all measurements except for the “Inter-pupillary width” and the “Frontal
Conclusions: The presented technique proved to be an accurate, reproducible and economic method for 3D model construction.