Statement of Research Philosophy

Research is an integral part of my academic experience and career goals. It enhances my personal knowledge base and adds to the general understanding of complex subjects. The foremost objective of carrying out research is either to solve existing problems or to develop new scientific advancements that ensure the evolution of the society. Research creates much-needed connections between disciplines and integrates diverse academic points of view in a multi-disciplinary environment, and it enriches the educational experience for students.

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

I believe my chosen career as a university professor has provided me with a unique opportunity to contribute to the shaping of society and the future. I believe my primary responsibility is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, attitude and experience necessary so that they can expand their personal horizons and have the ability to be successful in their chosen careers and lives. In other words, at the heart of my teaching philosophy is my belief that students need to be not just educated but mentored.

مقرر أحاديث الأحكام للفرقة الثالثة كلية دار العلوم

نظرا لتعليق الدراسة بجامعات مصر بسبب فيروس الكورونا أدعو الطلاب للتفاعل على هذه المدونة


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Engineering Management

One of the main things you need to consider when you start a new engineering team as a manger or a leader; any team has a life cycle, this life cycle contains 5 stages in general.

1- Forming