Analysis of the Stochastic Quarter-Five Spot Problem Using Polynomial Chaos

AbdelFattah, H., A. Al-Johani, and M. El-Beltagy, "Analysis of the Stochastic Quarter-Five Spot Problem Using Polynomial Chaos", Molecules, vol. 25, no. 15, 2020.


Analysis of fluids in porous media is of great importance in many applications. There are many mathematical models that can be used in the analysis. More realistic models should account for the stochastic variations of the model parameters due to the nature of the porous material and/or the properties of the fluid. In this paper, the standard porous media problem with random permeability is considered. Both the deterministic and stochastic problems are analyzed using the finite volume technique. The solution statistics of the stochastic problem are computed using both Polynomial Chaos Expansion (PCE) and the Karhunen-Loeve (KL) decomposition with an exponential correlation function. The results of both techniques are compared with the Monte Carlo sampling to verify the efficiency. Results have shown that PCE with first order polynomials provides higher accuracy for lower (less than 20%) permeability variance. For higher permeability variance, using higher-order PCE considerably improves the accuracy of the solution. The PCE is also combined with KL decomposition and faster convergence is achieved. The KL-PCE combination should carefully choose the number of KL decomposition terms based on the correlation length of the random permeability. The suggested techniques are successfully applied to the quarter-five spot problem.



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