Effect of γ-radiation on the phase transition temperature of Li0.5(NH4)0.5SO4

Badr, Y. A., and S. B. El-Guiziri, "Effect of γ-radiation on the phase transition temperature of Li0.5(NH4)0.5SO4", Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, vol. 50, no. 12, pp. 1261 - 1264, 1989.


Polycrystalline lithium-ammonium sulphate samples were subjected to X-ray diffraction analysis for determining the lattice parameters of the prepared mixed crystals. The compositions of the samples were determined using X-ray microanalysis. The Li0.5(NH4)0.5SO4 samples were irradiated with different doses of γ-radiation in order to investigate the effect of this ionizing radiation on the phase transition temperatures Tc1 and Tc2. The temperature dependence of the d.c. resistivity ρd.c. and dielectric constant ϵ of irradiated samples showed (i) a shift of Tc1 to higher temperatures; (ii) a shift of Tc2 to lower temperatures; and (iii) the appearance of a new anomaly near 128°C at moderately high γ-doses. The mechanisms giving rise to this behaviour are discussed.



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