Associate Professor Yassin Nissan's interest in organic synthesis of small molecules of biological interest and computer aided drug design started with his master degree research. His master thesis was entitled “Synthetic and pharmacological studies of some furochromones.” in 2006. Thereafter followed a PhD (Cairo University, 2009), focused on synthesis and molecular docking of novel anti-inflammatory agents derived from the naturally existing furochromones , Khellin and Visangin, in 2009 entitled “Synthesis of certain benzofuran and benzopyran-4-one derivatives with anticipated pharmacological activities”., with post-doctoral research period at Cairo University (2010-2014).

Associate Professor Yassin Nissan is interested in synthesis of novel organic molecules of biological interests as anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant and anticancer agents. He is mainly concerned with the synthesis of different heterocyclic moieties through drug design tools including molecular docking, pharmacophore and quantitative structure activity relationship.

Recently, He has published several articles in the field of investigating the anticancer activities of some pyrrole and pyrollopyrimidine derivatives as well as their activities as carbonic anhydrase inhibitor IX and XII isoforms and their selective behaviour towards these isoforms.

His research now is focused on synthesis of small organic molecules as VEGFR inhibitor with anticancer activity and COX-2 inhibitors as anti-inflammatory agents.