Dr Yasser M Abdelhamid MD, is a professor of Internal Medicine and Nephrology- Cairo University. He was graduated from Faculty of Medicine - Cairo University  (Kasr Alainy)-December 1995, received his MSc degree by 1999 and his  MD by 2006 from the same institute. He worked in Nephrology department in his institute since 1999 till now upgrading through different career steps althrough this period. Within the field of Nephrology, he is interested in Critical Care Nephrology and was the first to organize training courses and national conferences in this branch of Nephrology in Egypt. This is addition to training junior staff during his daily work in Internal Medicine ICU. He is also interested in the fields of AKI, renal transplantation and CKD. He is a member of Egyptian society of nephrology, ERA-EDTA and Middle East Kidney Society.  He was selected as a speaker for many nephrology conference and courses and has many publications in the field of Nephrology.