Lecturer at Veterinary

Lecturer of Veterinary Cytology & Histology

Assistant lecturer of Pathology

Demonstrator, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


Professor Of Veterinary Pathology, Cairo University.

Assistant Lecturer at department of virology, Vet. Med.

Assistant Lecturer of Infectious Diseases , Department of Medicine and Infectious Diseases-Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Caìro Univeristy


Demonstrator of virology and viral immunology

assisstant lecturer

Lecturer of Animal, Poultry and Environmental Hygiene

Professor of Surgery,Anesthesiology and Radiology

Assistant Professor of Virology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University

Demonstrator, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Prof.Dr. of Veterinary Hygieneand Management

dodyvet's lecturer of cytology and histology

Assistant lecturer at medicine and infectious diseases

Assistant (Associate) Professor of Clinical pathology.

assistant lecture at department of veterinary hygiene and management

Prof. of Anatomy and Embryology

Professor of Pharmacology

Demonstrator, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Assistant Lecturer of Toxicology and Forensic Medicine