Lecturer at the Anatomy and Embryology department.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Professor

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Demonstrator

Lecturer of Aquatic Animal Medicine and management department- Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Assistant Lecturer at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine -Cairo University

Professor at Faculty of Surgery Veterinary Medicine

Professor of Zoonoses at Faculty of Vet Cairo University

Lecturer Of Pathology Faculty Of Vet Medicine Cairo University

Professor, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

professor of Clinical Pathology (Head of the department from 2015-2018)



Lecturer of Food Hygiene and Control

Lecturer of infectious diseases

Assistant lecturer at zoonoses dep. at faculty of vet.medicine cairo university


Professor of Pharmacology,Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,Cairo University

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Assistant professor

Assistant Professor of Veterinary Cytology & Histology

Lecturer in Veterinary Internal Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,Caìro Univeristy, Giza 12211

Lecturer at Cytology and Histology department - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine