Associate Professor of Animal Physiology

Lecturer of Zoology

Assistant Professor of Horticultural Biotechnology at Pomology Department. Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University.

Assistant Lecturer

Professor of Sustainable Development & Urban Design Dean of Faculty of Regional & Urban Planning - Cairo University

Lecturer of Anaesthesiology, Intensive care and Pain management

Associate Professor of pathology

Prof. of Parasitology

Assistant professor

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Assistant Lecturer

Lecturer in Food Science, Microbial Biotechnology

Researcher and Teaching Assistant

Associate Professor, Mineralogy and Petrology

Professor of Geoarchaeology

Professor, Arabic Language & Literature, Faculty of Arts

Assistant Lecturer, Jewish Religious Thought, Department of Oriental Languages and Literature, Faculty of Arts

Assistant Lecture, Turkish Language and Literature,

professor of Ethiopic language

Assistant Professor of Econometrics and Macroeconomics, Economics Department, Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, Cairo University.


Professor of Information Systems, Faculty of Graduate Studies for Statistical Research, Cairo University

lecturer of medical biochemistry and molecular biology

associate prof of Journalism