Research and Teaching Assistant

Professor of Electronics, Faculty of Engineering

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Professor of Communications at the faculty of Engineering

Assistant Professor

Associate Prof.

Assistant Professor of Electric Machines and Drives

Electrical Power and Machines Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University

Teaching Assistant at Cairo University

Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Parasitology

assistent lecturer critical care departement kasralaini faculty of medicin cairo university

Assistant Lecturer

Prof. Dr.

Lecturer, Dept. of Zoology and Agricultural Nematology, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Egypt

Professor of Parasitology

Assistant Lecturer of Food Science

Associate Professor, Breeding Biology and Molecular Genetics

Associate Professor of Animal Physiology

Lecturer of Zoology

Assistant Professor of Horticultural Biotechnology at Pomology Department. Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University.

Assistant Lecturer

Professor of Sustainable Development & Urban Design Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs Faculty of Regional & Urban Planning