Professor of System Engineering and Automatic Control

professor of aircraft structure design and analysis

Lecturer of Accounting


Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics

Doctor of Physical Geography

lecturer of Egyptian Archaeology

Professor in Prehistory

Assistant Professor of Architectural and Structural Conservation of Historical Structures and Sites

Maître de conférence "Lecturer" - Departement of Egyptology مدرس بقسم الآثار المصرية القديمة

Assistant Professor Plant Physiology and Nano Materials

Assistant Professor of Agricultural Zoology (Malacology)

Associate Professor of Agricultural Engineering

Associate professor of Dairy Science

Professor of Mathematical Programming

Lecturer in Pesticide Toxicology

Professor of Natural Products

Scholar at Cairo University

Assistant Lecturer of Botany and Microbiology

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PhD Molecular Biophysics (Computational)

professor in biochemistry

Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry