President of Cairo University

Professor of Veterinary Surgery, Anesthesiology & Radiology

Professor of Poultry Diseases, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

F.U.R.P Staff , Urban Planning Department - Faculty of Regional and Urban Planning (Urban Economy)

Professor of animal and poultry management, Faculty of Vet. Med., Cairo University

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Energy

Ex-Vice Dean for Community Service and Environment Development, Professor of Information Technology

Professor of Plant Taxonomy and Flora

Assistant Professor of Applied Statistics

Associate Professor of Soil Chemistry and Fertility

Professor of Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry.

Associate Professor of Information Technology, Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence, MIEEE

Professor of Philosophy

Professor of experimental Nuclear and radiation Physics

Associate Professor, Quantum Communication

Environmental Land use Planning; ICZM; Environmental Management of Protected areas; GIS

Assistant professor of physics

Assistant Professor of Functinal Genetics and Bioinformatics

professor of Ophthalmology

Professor of Natural Products Chemistry

Assistant Professor of Neurology, Cairo University

Lecturer at Journalism Department, Faculty of Mass Communication

Academic, Biotechnology Expert, Science Journalism and Science Communication Consultant. Department of Biotechnology - Faculty of Science.