Research Projects


1- “Non-toxic corrosion inhibitors for water cooling systems.” Project supported by Kuwait institute for Scientific research (KISR) and the Kuwait University (KU), 1992-1993, Co-Investigator (Co-I).

2-“Corrosion and passivation of valve metals (Nb, Ta, Ti, V..etc.) as important materials for industrial applications.” Project supported by the research administration (RA) KU, 1993-1996, Principal Investigator (P-I).

3- “Economic effect of metallic corrosion in the state Kuwait.” Project supported by KISR and KU, 1994-1996, Co-I.

4- “The electrochemical behavior of Al and Al-alloys in aqueous solutions.” 1993-1996, Co-I**

5- “Corrosion and passivation of copper brass alloys in aqueous solutions.” 1996-1997, Co-I**

6- “Electrochemical behavior of Cadmium and Lead as polluting metals.” 1996-1997, P-I**

7- “Inhibition of corrosion of brass alloys in neutral solutions and Kuwaiti potable water.” 1997-1998, Co-I**

8- “Electrochemical behavior of cobalt in aqueous solutions.”, 1997-1998, P-I**

9- “Fabrication of solar cells and solar panels for environmentally safe energy conversion.” Project supported by the Cairo University, Future Research and Study Center, 2000- 2002, P-I.

10-"Improvement of Si-Solar Cells and Fabrication of Solar Panels – An Attempt for Economic Solar EnergyConversion"

The project consists of two phases:

Phase 1: "Improvement of Si-Solar Cells to Achieve Economic Solar Energy Conversion in Egypt"

Phase 2: "Mass Production of the Improved Solar Cells and Fabrication of Solar Panels for Field Applications"    

A national project submitted to the Egyptian Academy for Scientific Research and Cairo University.

11. Solar-Powered Flow-Through Capacitive Desalination Prototype Unit Based on Polyaniline Nanotubes Modified Graphite Electrodes 

Research Proposal Submitted to Misr El Kheir Foundatin.


**projects 4-8 are supported by the research administration, Kuwait University, KISR and KFAS.