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El-Ghany, W. A. A., "Avian metapneumovirus infection in poultry flocks: A review of current knowledge", Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science, vol. 46, issue 3, pp. 971 - 1002, 2023. pert_j_agric_sci_pneumovirus_2023.pdf
El-Ghany, W. A. A., "Avian macrorhabdosis (Macrorhabdus ornithogaster) causing proventriculitis: Epidemiology, diagnosis, and control.", Veterinary Integrative Sciences, vol. 22, issue 3, pp. 921-931, 2024. vet_integ_sci.pdf
El-Ghany, W. A. A., "Avian haemospridian parasites: An updated review.", Archives of Veterinary Science, vol. 28, issue 2, pp. 1-17, 2023. article.pdf
El-Ghany, W. A. A., "Avian cryptosporidiosis: A significant parasitic disease of public health hazard", Slovenian Veterinary Research, vol. 59, issue 1, pp. 5–29, 2022. 10.26873_svr-1354-2022.pdf
El-Ghany, W. A. A., "Avian chlamydiosis: A world-wide emerging and public health threat. ", Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences, vol. 8, issue S2, pp. 82-97, 2020. aavs_8_s2_82-97.pdf
El-Ghany, W. A. A., "Avian cellulitis: A skin affection associated with economic losses in broiler chickens.", Online Journal of Animal and Feed Research, vol. 13, issue 1, pp. 34-38., 2023. online_j_anim_feed_res_cellulitis_2023.pdf
El-Ghany, W. A. A., "Avian bordetellosis: a significant bacterial respiratory disease of turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo). ", Online Journal of Animal and Feed Research, vol. 12, issue 3, pp. 103-110, 2022. ojafr_123_103-110_2022.pdf
El-Ghany, W. A. A., "Avian Aspergillosis: A Potential Occupational Zoonotic Mycosis Especially in Egypt", Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences, vol. 9, issue 10, pp. 1564-1575, 2021. aspergillosis_advances_in_anim__vet_sci.pdf
Hady, M. M., M. M. Zaki, W. A. EL-Ghany, and K. Reda, M.S, "Assessment of the broilers performance, gut healthiness and carcass characteristics in response to dietary inclusion of dried coriander, turmeric and thyme ", International Journal of Environmental & Agriculture Research , vol. 2, issue 6, pp. 153-159, 2016. int._j_environ_agri_res_ijoear.pdf
Osman, K., W. A. EL-Ghany, O. A, and E. - N. M, "Antibiogram for environmental E. coli recovered from broilers", Journal of the Egyptian Veterinary Medical Association, vol. 76, issue 3, pp. 375-380, 2016. 1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg7.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg