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Ibrahim, L. A., A. M. Fattouh, H. S. Hamza, and W. A. Attia, "Pattern of Rheumatic Fever in Egyptian Children Younger Than 5 Years", British Journal of Medicine & Medical Research, vol. 3, issue 4, pp. 1893-1899, 2013. pattern_of_rheumatic_fever_in_egyptian_children_younger_than_5_years.pdf
Pfannkuche, K., S. Neuss, F. Pillekamp, L. P. Frenzel, W. Attia, T. Hannes, J. Salber, M. Hoss, M. Zenke, B. K. Fleischmann, et al., "Fibroblasts Facilitate the Engraftment of Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes on Three-Dimensional Collagen Matrices and Aggregation in Hanging Drops", STEM CELLS AND DEVELOPMENT, vol. 19, issue 10, pp. 1589-1599, 2010.