I'm Working in my researches now on the serious case related to the Genome of Language or DNA of Language - as it were - I've studied Medicine 4 years (1997-2001) before moving to Study Linguistics in Faculty of Arts. I'm interested in studying Secrets of Language in the Human Brain, I've also many papers in the field of Cosmological Studies in a Trial to Understand some verses in  Qur'an (Muslims' Holy book).

My great Purpose is to Find New methods of Communication between Humans on all the levels: written, oral, seen .... etc. by developing new Methodology based on Semantics of Language in the Brain; Searching for the Distinguished Point and Peculiar thing in the Human system of Language.

I wish to Find the fundamental Paradigm for Arabic Language and other Languages, then to follow up the interrelationship between the whole system of Human Language to shape the Final Model of what I'm calling "The Neuro Paradigm Teama of Human Language".

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