Discovery of the human homolog of sex-determining region (SRY) gene in dioecious plants

Solliman, M. E. - D., H. S. Elbarbary, M. B. Abdullah, T. Y. S. Kapiel, M. A. M. Aboul-Soud, and H. A. A. Mohasseb, "Discovery of the human homolog of sex-determining region (SRY) gene in dioecious plants", Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences, vol. 30, no. 2, pp. 103548, 2023.


Sex determination in the early developmental stages of dioecious crops is economically-beneficial. During this study, a human homology of SRY gene was successfully identified in dioecious crops. SRY gene sequences of date palm and jojoba were submitted to GenBank under the accession numbers KC577225 and MK991776, respectively. This is the first report regarding the novel sex-determination methodology of four dioecious plants (jojoba, date palm, papaya, and pistachios). SRY sex gene was found in all the tested dioecious plant and human samples. This novel approach is simple and of significant importance for breeders. It facilitates the unambiguous selection of jojoba and date palm female plants at an early age and reduces the plantation cost of cultivating non-productive male plants. This is a rapid sex-determination technique for dioecious plants and mammals at an early stage. This technique specifically targets the SRY sequence that has been comprehensively investigated in humans. The kit development for the SRY-based sex determination of various crops is in progress.



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