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Korany, A. H., A. E. Ali, T. M. Essam, and S. A. Megahed, "Optimization of Cellulase Production by Halobacillus sp. QLS 31 Isolated from Lake Qarun, Egypt", Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, vol. 183, issue 1, pp. 189–199, 2017.
Korany, A. H., A. Abouhmad, W. Bakeer, T. Essam, M. A. Amin, R. Hatti-Kaul, and T. Dishisha, "Comparative structural analysis of different mycobacteriophage-derived mycolylarabinogalactan esterases (Lysin B)", Biomolecules, vol. 10, issue 1, pp. 45, 2020.