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Ali, S., M. Hassan, T. Essam, M. Ibrahim, and K. Al-Amry, "Biodegradation of aflatoxin by bacterial species isolated from poultry farms", Toxicon, vol. 195, pp. 7-16, 2021.
Ali, S., M. Hassan, T. Essam, M. Ibrahim, and K. F. Mohamed, "Coumarin degrading microorganisms isolated from Egyptian soil", Veterinary Medical Journal, vol. 66, issue 1, pp. 89-97, 2020.
Aly, M. E. A., A. S. Hanora, T. M. Essam, and M. A. Amin, Expression and purification of recombinant Shiga toxin 2B from Escherichia coli O157:H7, , 2016. 6f9c59458600.pdf
Aly, M. E. A., A. Hanora, T. M.Essam, and M. A. Amin, "Genotypic Detection of Enterohaemoragic E. coli (EHEC) among Diarrheagenic Patients in Egypt", International Journal of Microbiological Research, vol. 5, issue 1, pp. 61-64, 2014. genotypic_detection_of_enterohaemoragic_e._coli_ehec_among_diarrheagenic_patients_in_egypt.pdf
Aly, A. R. M., A. R. Adel, A. O. El‑Gendy, T. M. Essam, and R. K. Aziz, Gut microbiome alterations in patients with stage 4 hepatitis C, , 2016. gut_microbiome_alterations_in_patients_with_stage_4_hepatitis_c.pdf