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Aly, M. E. A., A. Hanora, T. M.Essam, and M. A. Amin, "Genotypic Detection of Enterohaemoragic E. coli (EHEC) among Diarrheagenic Patients in Egypt", International Journal of Microbiological Research, vol. 5, issue 1, pp. 61-64, 2014. genotypic_detection_of_enterohaemoragic_e._coli_ehec_among_diarrheagenic_patients_in_egypt.pdf
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Elgiddawy, N., T. M. Essam, W. E. M. A. Rouby, M. Raslan, and A. A. Farghali, "New approach for enhancing Chlorella vulgaris biomass recovery using ZnAl-layered double hydroxide nanosheets", Journal of applied phycology, vol. 29, issue 3, pp. 1399–1407, 2017.