Lot Streaming of Hybrid Flowshops with Variable Lot Sizes and Eligible Machines

Zaky, E. A., T. F. Abdelmaguid, T. A. Mohamed, and S. T. Mohamed, "Lot Streaming of Hybrid Flowshops with Variable Lot Sizes and Eligible Machines", International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering, vol. 43, issue 2, pp. 238-264, 2023.


Hybrid flowshops are a special type of manufacturing systems, in which a stage may contain identical or unrelated parallel machines. This paper deals with a more practical approach for lot streaming hybrid flowshop in which the sublot sizes of jobs can vary from one stage to the next according to machines `speed. Two models of mixed-integer nonlinear programming are developed to minimise the make-span of two different hybrid flowshop systems. The first model deals with unrelated parallel machines with eligibility, independent setup time, and variable sublot sizes. The second model is a special case of the hybrid flowshop as it consists of multi-stages comprising one machine at the stages preceding the final stage, while the final stage includes unrelated parallel machines. The first model was studied and the data gathered were analyzed using ANOVA test to evaluate the factors’ effect on system. The factors are number of jobs, maximum number of batches, setup time, and machine’s configuration. The analysis revealed that all the factors were effective. The second model was compared to benchmarking published paper and it gets better results.

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