Industrial Engineering in Egypt

Abdelmaguid, T. F., and M. Bedewy, "Industrial Engineering in Egypt", Maynard's Industrial and Systems Engineering Handbook, New York, McGraw Hil, 2023.


Even though the practice of Industrial Engineering (IE) in Egypt is older than the great pyramid of Giza, many dedicated IE educational programs are relatively new in the Egyptian higher educational system when compared to other more established engineering disciplines. However, it has witnessed rapid growth in the last few decades to match the increasing demand by employers from both manufacturing and service sectors alike. This goes in parallel with the increase in scientific publications and graduate research theses nationwide. This chapter summarizes the history and development of the field of IE in Egypt. It covers the progress in the number of IE educational programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in Egyptian universities. In addition, the recent growth in relevant scientific output, as measured by the number of IE-relevant publications is presented and broken down in terms of both the area of IE research and contributing institution.

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