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Al‑Alamein, A. A. M., M. A. K. El‑Rahman, E. M. Abdel‑Moety, and E. M. Fawaz, "Green HPTLC-densitometric approach for simultaneous determination and impurity- profiling of ebastine and phenylephrine hydrochloride", Microchemical Journal, vol. 147, pp. 1097-1102, 2019.
Fawaz, E. M., M. A. K. El-Rahman, S. M. Riad, and M. A. Shehata, "Screen Printed Ion Selective Electrodes as a Fully Integrated PAT Tool: Application to the Analysis and Impurity Profiling of Diatrizoate Sodium", Journal of The Electrochemical Society, vol. 165, issue 7, pp. B323-B327, 2018.
Abd El-Rahman, M. K., S. M. Riad, E. M. Fawaz, and M. A. Shehata, "Three Different Spectrophotometric Methods Exploiting Ratio Spectra for the Selective Determination of Iohexol in the Presence of its Acidic Degradate", Current Pharmaceutical Analysis, vol. 14, pp. 627-634, 2018. my_fifth_paper_cpa.pdf