Studies Abroad

·         UNESCO Research Fellowship

Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT), Tokyo, Japan,  One year duration ( Oct. 1st 1987 – Oct.1st .1988) 

·         Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

                      Royal Norwegian Council for Scientific and Industrial

                      Research (NTNF), Department of Chemistry,

                      University of Oslo, Norway, Two year duration

                      ( March 1991 – March 1993)

·         Scientific Conferences

 Attend and contribute to 12 International Scientific Conferences in the field of Applied Synthetic Organic Chemistry 

·         Scientific Publications

 Author and Co-author of 102 articles in International Scientific Journals in the field of  Applied Synthetic  Organic Chemistry

·         Scientific Activities

                      Supervision of 20 M.Sc. and 14 Ph.D dissertations covering the field  of Applied  Synthetic Organic Chemistry.