Performance Indicators of Information System Development Life Cycle

Performance Indicators of Information System Development Life Cycle, lapeep, Evon Kamil, sharkwi M.El, and S.Mazen , (2008)


Building an information system is a complex process, influenced by many factors, both internal and external. and it pass through different phases starting by planning phase until implementation and operational phase . Each phase should be considered by several elements such as: criteria, constraints, and other changes related to these elements.
And The outputs of the information system should deliver expected results that achieve the requirement and also meet the budget, schedule and also scope.

The performance management process provides an opportunity for the employee and
Performance manager to discuss development goals and jointly create a plan for achieving the goals.
And of course we cannot mange without measure
So we need a performance measurement tools that can ensure the Success of information system. And performance indicators are consider one of theses tools
The Performance indicators save the information systems project from failure that can occurs during the life cycle.
The absent of the Performance indicators may be accuse in wasting the time and effort .and lately we discover that the information system not achieve the organization strategy .and not meet the functional and non functional requirements or the system not meets the scope, budget ,schedule and
That of course make a project fails .so we need Performance indicators in each phase of IS life cycle to measure what we achieved and what not in each phase.
The objective of this research is to study in details what the Performance indicators is and what is its advantage and its tools.
And then find a suitable Performance indicators for the information system project life cycle and also find the Performance indicators that measure if the IS achieve the organization strategy or not.