Integration Between Software Project Management and Change Management

Integration Between Software Project Management and Change Management, Mazen, Sherif, Ezzat Ehab, and Afifi Amira Mohamed Gaber Rafaat , Giza, (2016)

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Software projects deviate from their original plans due to changes that may happen during the software life cycle. Project managers depend on their experiences to estimate the effects of these changes on the duration and budget of their projects. Software projects should not deviate or crash with respect to the estimated deadline. Thus, any change should be estimated and studied before executing the plan.
In this thesis, we introduce a framework that integrates Software Project Management (SPM) and Software Change Management (SCM) to achieve the following objectives: First, when a change occurs, we go through the whole change management process before executing the plan. Second,monitoring the activities of the project by preparing and delivering managerial reports based on performance and improvements. When the Change Management Team (CMT) checks for the Change Request (CR), The CMT uses a sheet of rewards and punishments of the people responsible for each CR according to the completion date of the related CR (i.e. early CR means the responsible person will be rewarded; otherwise punished). Third,providing an accurate time variance to record any CRs finished earlier than planned which will result in revising the project plan or any delayed CRs that will derive management to take corrective actions to the project plan.Fourth,helping the management for better decision making in case of any budget deficit or surplus by using the cost variance to monitor the expenditures along the project plan. Fifth, increasing the prediction possibility of early project completion, which may result in revision of the operational processes that depend on the deadline of the project and notifying the higher level of management for further actions.
So,we will mainly focus on the project monitoring and controlling phase because it is one of the most important processes in developing any software project. It controls the operation of the project according to the project plan. In addition, it is one of the CMMI® process areas level 2.