Framework for Integrating Software Project Tasks and Change Requests.

Framework for Integrating Software Project Tasks and Change Requests., Gaber, Amira M., Mazen Sherief, and Hassanein. Ehab E. , International Journal of Computer Applications , Volume 125, Issue 12, (2015)


"Most of the software projects may deviate from their original plans during the Software Life Cycle in the organization. This deviation typically results from the changes that happed and
the project manager depends on his experience to estimate the effects of the change. This may affect the duration and budget of the project. It is important that the software project should not deviate or crash according to the estimated deadline. Thus any change should be estimated and discussed before implementation. In this paper will introduce a framework that integrates the Software Project Management (SPM) with Software Change Management (SCM) to achieve the following objectives: Firstly, optimizing the Change Management Process in a project and track the whole Change Requests. Secondly, monitoring if the software project finished early by revising the project plan w.r.t the actual schedule to shrink the project deadline. And execute the consequences processes according to finish early Thirdly, the actual results with performance will be tracked against the project plan and any variances should be analyzed. In addition, facilitating distribution of tasks (Change Requests) and availability of information. Finally, providing more control over a project when the technical issues can be raised and turned to managerialissues to take corrective actions if: the project takes more time, the project takes more cost or both of them"