Assessment of Cloud Computing Adoption Models in E-government Environment

Assessment of Cloud Computing Adoption Models in E-government Environment, Ali, Kh. E., Mazen Sh. A., and Hassanein EE , (2017)


Most of developing countries are now experiencing revolution in e-government to deliver
fluent and simple services for their citizens. However, government sectors face many challenges in
modernization its e-governments’ services and its infrastructure. These challenges may lead to failure
of improving current services or developing new one. Therefore, there is a need for a solution to
overcome it. Cloud Computing plays a vital role to solve these problems. So, some of governments are
now tending to adopt cloud computing in their agencies for utilizing their benefits and overcome on e-
government challenges.
This paper demonstrates cloud computing, its characteristics, basic delivery models and deployment
models. It analyzes and reviews the literature proposed models of cloud computing adoption in e-
government environment. Finally, it compares between these models and classifies it to different
classifications from functionally perspective.