6th Pan Commonwealth Veterinary Conference & 27th VeterinaryAssociation of Malaysia Congress 2015

The theme of the conference is “

Providing Holistic Solutions to Changing Global Challenges: Threatsand Opportunities for Veterinarians

”.  The Conference provides an opportunity forveterinarians from the 55 member’s countries of the Commonwealth to meet witheach other and with veterinarians from many other parts of the world, todiscuss the matters of common interest, and benefit from quality continuingeducation on topics ranging from antimicrobial resistance to food safety andsecurity.

A comprehensive and ambitious scientific programme has been preparedwhich will include presentations by a range of knowledgeable speakers from bothwithin and beyond the region. The topics include maximum opportunity will beprovided for discussion and networking and informal engagement. It is intendedthat a number of priority recommendations and strategies will emerge and thatthese will be endorsed by the Conference for intended action by individualmember states.