Pathological Studies on The Protective Effect of Ginger Extract and Ginger Nanoparticles on Acetaminophen Toxicity in Rats, Cairo University, Egypt

PhD Thesis Submitted by Alaa Fouad Ali (2012), M.Sc. (2016), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cairo University For PhD Degree of Veterinary Medical Science Pathology (General, Special and Postmortem)

Under Supervision of;

Prof. Dr. Adel Mohamed Bakeer Department of Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cairo University

Evaluation Of Some Avian Influenza Vaccines On Commercial Layer Chicks, The international scientific conference of pathology department, Sheraton dreamland 19 conference center, Cairo, Egypt April 2013, 1, 60-78.
Pathogenesis of Enterobacteriaceae Isolated from Commercial Chicken Eggs in Broilers, The 18th scientific conference of Egyptian Veterinary Medical Society (EVMS) for Pathology and Clinical Pathology, May28, 2013.