Arab Journal of Science & Research Publishing (AJSRP)", ISSN : 9774-344X.

For those interested in scientific research and publishing, Thanks god i have been nominated for the position "Chairman of the Editorial Board of Arab Journal of Science & Research Publishing (AJSRP)", ISSN : 9774-344X.                                                                                                    Founded in: 2007
Description: Arab Journal of Science & Research Publishing is an Arab academic indexed journal  supervised by a group of academics and professors in various disciplines and are almost free of charge, aimed at the advancement of scientific research in the Arab world and the development of science students in the field of scientific research capabilities, which represents a step basic global progress.                                              Mission : Development of scientific research in the Arab world
Awards:                                                                                                                                                       * Creative Science Award from distinguished Sans Frontières Britain in 2012
* Arab Education Library Award - Lebanon in 2013
* Investment minds of Saif Time Award Foundation Studies - US 2014

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