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Improvement in Liver Stiffness in Pediatric Patients with Hepatitis C Virus after Treatment with Direct Acting Antivirals, Mogahed, Engy A., El-Karaksy Hanaa, Abdullatif Hala, Yasin Noha A., Nagy Ahmed, Alem Shereen Abdel, deen Hadeel Gamal El, and El-Raziky Mona S. , Egypt, (2021) 1-s2.0-s0022347621001219.pdf
Improvement of platelet in thrombocytopenic HCV patients after treatment with direct-acting antiviral agents and its relation to outcome, Soliman, Zeinab, El Kassas Mohamed, Elsharkawy Aisha, Elbadry Mohamed, Hamada Yasser, ElHusseiny Ramy, El-Nahaas Saeed M., Fouad Rabab, Esmat Gamal, and Alem Shereen Abdel , Egypt, (2021) platelets.pdf
Is Serum-Ascites Vitamin D Gradient a Valid Marker for Diagnosing Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis in Patients with Cirrhotic Ascites?, Hafez, Hanan Abdel, Madani Hanan, Alem Shereen Abdel, Farrag Ahmed, Fathy Wael, and Abdo Mahmoud , Egypt, (2021) lmab019.pdf
Analysis of clinical and virologic features in Hepatitis B e Antigen (HbeAg)-negative and HbeAg-positive Egyptian chronic hepatitis B patients, Fouad, Rabab, Musa Sherief, Sabry Dina, Salama Ahmad, Alem Shereen Abdel, Mira Atef, and Zayed Naglaa , Egypt, (2020) afhs2002-0649.pdf
Is urinary β2-microglobulin a reliable marker for assessment of renal tubular dysfunction in chronic hepatitis B patients receiving tenofovir therapy?, Mira Atef, Zayed Naglaa, Salama Rabab, Alem Shereen Abdel, Yousof Hanaa, Saber Mohammad, Hamed Mai, and Yosry Ayman , Egypt, (2020) 00042737-900000000-97398.pdf
Renal profile of chronic hepatitis C patients with sofosbuvir-based therapy, El-Sayed, Mohammad, abdellatif Zeinab, Elsharkawy Aisha, El Kassas Mohamed, Abdelmoniem Reham, Marzouk Amaal, Fouad Rabab, Esmat Gamal, and Alem Shereen Abdel , Egypt, (2020) el-sayed2020_article_renalprofileofchronichepatitis.pdf
Serum progranulin levels in paediatric patients with Gaucher disease; relation to disease severity and liver stiffness by transient elastography, Tantawy, Azza A., Adly Amira A., Ismail Eman A., Salah Nouran Y., Alem Shereen Abdel, and Elsantiel Hesham I. , Egypt, (2020) liv.14598.pdf
Sustained virologic response and changes in liver fibrosis parameters following 12-wk administration of generic sofosbuvir and daclatasvir in HIV/HCV-coinfected patients with HCV genotype 4 infection, Cordie, Ahmed, Elsharkawy Aisha, Alem Shereen Abdel, Meshaal Safa, elakel Wafaa, abdellatif Zeinab, Kamal Walid, Askalany Mahmoud Al, Kamel Sherif, Aziz Hossam Abdel, et al. , Egypt, (2020) trz120.pdf
Clinical impact of serum α-fetoprotein and its relation on changes in liver fibrosis in hepatitis C virus patients receiving direct-acting antivirals, Fouad, Rabab, Elsharkawy Aisha, Alem Shereen Abdel, El Kassas Mohamed, Alboraie Mohamed, Sweedy Ahmad, shimaa afify, abdellatif Zeinab, Khairy Marwa, and Esmat Gamal , Egypt, (2019) clinical_impact_of_serum___fetoprotein_and_its.9.pdf
DAAs therapy associated with improved hepatic fibrosis in HCV-GT4 patients co-infected with HIV, El-Garem, Hassan, Abdallah Mohamed, Omar Heba, Cordie Ahmed, Alem Shereen Abdel, Elzahry Mohamad Mohey Eldin A., doaa ghaith, Soud Neveen Abou El- H., Kamal Walid, Elsharkawy Aisha, et al. , Egypt, (2019) daas_therapy_associated_with_improved_hepatic_fibrosis_in_hcv_gt4_patients_co_infected_with_hiv1.pdf
Serum Serotonin as a Potential Diagnostic Marker for Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Mamdouh, Fatma, Alem Shereen Abdel, Abdo Mahmoud, Abdelaal Amaal, Salem Amel, Rabiee Ahmed, and Elsisi Ola , Egypt, (2019) mamdouh_et_al_2019.pdf
Improvement of liver stiffness measurement, acoustic radiation force impulse measurements, and noninvasive fibrosis markers after direct-acting antivirals for hepatitis C virus G4 recurrence post living donor liver transplantation: Egyptian cohort., Alem, Shereen Abdel, Said Mohamed, Anwar Ismail, abdellatif Zeinab, Elbaz Tamer, Etreby Rasha El, Abouelkhair Mahmoud, El‐Serafy Magdy, Mogawer Sherif, El‐Amir Mona, et al. , (2018)
Improvement of glycemic state among responders to Sofosbuvir-based treatment regimens: Single center experience, Alem, Shereen Abdel, Elsharkawy Aisha, Fouad Rabab, Adel Eman, abdellatif Zeinab, Musa Sherief, Nagy Ahmed, Hussein Muhammad S., Yosry Ayman, and Esmat Gamal , (2017)
Transient elastography as a noninvasive assessment tool for hepatopathies of different etiology in pediatric type 1 diabetes mellitus, Elkabbany, Zeinab A., Elbarbary Nancy S., Ismail Eman A., Mohamed Nesrine A., Ragab Dina, Alem Shereen Abdel, Ezzat Yasmine M., Maurice Sarah S., and Hashem Noha U. , Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications, Volume 1, Issue 31, p.186–194, (2017) journal_of_diabetes_and_its_complication.pdf
FibroScan, APRI, FIB4, and GUCI: Role in prediction of fibrosis and response to therapy in Egyptian patients with HCV infection, Yosry, Ayman, Fouad Rabab, Alem Shereen A., Elsharkawy Aisha, El-Sayed Mohammad, Asem Noha, Hassan Ehsan, Ismail Ahmed, and Esmat Gamal , Arab Journal of Gastroenterology, Volume 2, Issue 17, p.78–83, (2016) arab_journal_of_gastroenterology.pdf