Chercheur Postdoctoral / Postdoctoral Researcher

Enerkem / University of Sherbrooke – Sherbrooke, QC, CA

Enerkem Numerical Group – Westbury, QC, CA


  • Hands-on experience in Torrefaction experiments on Refused-Derived Fuel (RDF) to produce a coal-like material for gasification in Entrained Flow Gasifier
  • Operate and test Enerkem's batch torrefaction experiments; horizontal oven mode experiments feature an oxygen-free environment for the torrefaction process
  • Experienced TGA, DTA, and DSC analysis for the RDF, LDPE, and torrefied materials
  • Experienced a standardized TGA analysis at university of Sherbrooke
  • Great knowledge of the ASTM standards for waste materials, including ASMT for proximate and ultimate analysis
  • Contributed to establish Enerkem standard STD991-001 for feedstock sampling and characterization methods
  • Experience in conducting the standardized proximate analysis tests such as (moisture content, volatile matter, fixed carbon, ash) and ultimate analysis (CHNOS) for the raw RDF and the torrefied RDF
  • Experience in ASPEN simulations for the RDF torrefaction