Dr. Shalash is currently a Professor with the Electronics and Communications Department, Cairo University.

Dr. Shalash also served as the Director of Systems Engineering, Firstpass Technologies where he led a team working on system design for wireless RF technologies. Prior to that Dr. Shalash worked as Principal Engineer with Analog Devices Inc, where he led work on numerous products, such as the EAGLE CPE chipset, and satellite radio receiver chip. During his tenure with ADI, Dr. Shalash also worked as a standards committee liaison with the ANSI T1 and the ITU, where he helped shape the VDSL and ADSL standards. Prior to ADI, Dr. Shalash worked as senior engineer with Level One Communications where he worked on system level simulations for ADSL modems. He held short term appointments with AT&T Bell Laboratories and ADC Telecommunications. Dr. Shalash was also an invited Scholar with Lucent Bell Laboratories in 1996.

Dr. Shalash published many articles in international forums. He has 12 journal papers, 41 conference papers and more than 50 published articles inside ADI and on behalf of ADI.

Dr. Shalash has 7 patents. He also works as reviewer for several journal and conferences. He has published papers in invited sessions in the ISCAS conference. Dr. Shalash was an invited speaker at Pohang University in Korea and the Pennsylvania State University.

Dr. Shalash obtained his Ph.D. degree from the University of Minnesota in 1998. He got his Masters from Cairo University in 1992 and he got his B.Sc. with Honors from Cairo University in 1989 where he graduated as top of his class. Dr. Shalash is a recipient of the “Young Arab Inventor” award in 1993, and Cairo University Engineering Research Award in 2006. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE.