Mobile game trends

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Alomari, K. M., T. R. Soomro, and K. Shaalan, "Mobile Gaming Trends and Revenue Models", Trends in Applied Knowledge-Based Systems and Data Science, Switzerland, Springer, 2016. Abstractmobile_gaming_trends_and_revenue_models.pdf

The study tries to find out the most important features in building games based on the grossing. The study is limited to fifty iPhone games that have achieved top grossing in the USA. The game features were extracted from a previous study [1] and classified through ARM funnel into five groups (“A”, “R”, “M”, “AR”, and “RM”). The paper follows CRISP-DM approach under SPSS Modeler through business and data understanding, Data preparation, model building and evaluation. The researcher uses Decision Tree model since the features have closed value i.e. (Yes/No) on the grossing weight. The study reached to the most important 10 features out of 31. These features are important to build successful mobile games. The study emphasizes on the availability of (Acquisition, Retention and Monetization) elements on every successful game and if any is missed, will lead to the failure of the game.