National Resilience

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Hassan, M. K. A., T. R. Soomro, and T. R. Soomro, "Information Sharing Framework for National Resilience", The 26th International Business Information Management Association (IBIMA) Conference, Madrid, Spain, 11 November, 2015. Abstractinformation_sharing.pdf

To institute the characteristics of an effective Information Sharing for sustainability, the study mined the different aspects of information sharing under different statuses. The developed understandings became the provision from which the characteristics of effective Information Sharing were drawn. Using Mixed approach Phenomenology as a method of research, the lived experiences and information sharing approaches used into the organization served as pragmatic data which were reflected upon until the devising of understandings about impact on performance of the organizations. The result for study revealed that Information Sharing abilities are distinctive and are practiced by destitution. These practices and styles standout as good instructors, goal-oriented, support society and are obedient to their seniors. Thus the reader will have a wide knowledge about information sharing itself and the theories and thoughts behind it, which covers the different definitions and the aims of information sharing.