Adoption of E-Government

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AlNuaimi, M., K. Shaalan, M. Alnuaimi, and K. Alnuaimi, "Barriers to Electronic Government Citizens' Adoption: A Case of Municipal Sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi", The International Conference on Developments in eSystems Engineering (DeSE’11), Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 8 December, 2011. Abstracte-gov.pdf

The advances in information and communication technologies have changed the way the governments interact with their citizens. The development of the internet and its vast capabilities played a vital role in this change. According the UN report 2010, the UN e-Government development index of the world rated United Arab Emirates in 49 which comes late 17 places than 2008 ranking. During 2008 the UAE ranked in 32. Therefore, it can be seen that UAE is having some troubles in citizens’ adoption of the e-Government. In this paper, we will examine the key berries to the use of the e-Government services by citizens through testing the effect of 11 independent variables on the citizens’ use of e-Government in municipal of Emirate of Abu Dhabi.