Computer Assisted Language Learning

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Shaalan, K., "Development of Computer Assisted Language Learning System for Arabic Using Natural Language Processing Techniques", Egyptian Informatics Journal, vol. 4, no. 2: Faculty of Comptuers and Information, pp. 131–155, dec, 2003. Abstractarabic_call_fci.pdf

This paper describes the development of a computer-assisted language learning (CALL) system for learning Arabic using natural language processing (NLP) techniques. This system can be used for learning Arabic by students at the primary schools. It provides grammar practice for learners of Arabic. The learners are encouraged to produce sentences freely in various situations and contexts and guided to recognize by themselves the erroneous or inappropriate functions of their misused expressions. In this system, we use NLP tools (including a morphological analyzer and syntax analyzer) and an error analyzer to give the adequate feedback to the learner. Furthermore, we propose the mechanism of correction by the learner which allows the learner to correct the typed sentence by herself/himself, and allows the learner to realize that what error she/he has made.