Item Evaluation

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Ibraheem, A., K. Shaalan, M. Riad, and G. Darwish, "A Model and Supporting Mechanism for Item Evaluation in Distance Learning-Based Environment", Egyptian Informatics Journal, vol. 4, no. 2: Faculty of Comptuers and Information, pp. 169-188, dec, 2003. Abstractitem_evalutaion_fci.pdf

Many researchers have observed that 80% -90% of tutorial utterances were in the form of questions, so-called items. However, the item quality in distance learning environment has not been discussed enough. Poor and problematic items may defeat the purpose of distance learning. Therefore, we should ensure the quality and integrity of items before storing them finally in item banks, and becoming available for distance learning systems. The traditional paper-and- pencil process for evaluating an item is performed by administering a pilot test in schools, so-called tryout. Many manual steps are needed to test the items, by trying them, in schools. This process is costly, very time–consuming endeavor, and sometimes inaccurate. In this paper, we attempt to solve this problem by introducing a new practical model for evaluating an item online. Through this model we get, on the spot, student responses and apply some techniques on these responses to identify item characteristics to ensure the quality and integrity of the item. Accordingly, this will enable us to detect and eliminate both weak and problematic items, and store only good items in the item bank, all in quick and accurate manner.