Knowledge Verification

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El-Korany, A., K. Shaalan, H. Baraka, and A. Rafea, "An Approach for automating the verification of KADS-based expert systems", New Review of Applied Expert Systems, vol. 4, London, United Kingdom, Taylor Graham, pp. 107–123, 1998. Abstractver_esreview98.pdf

{Reliability has emerged as significant issue in developing of expert systems. Verification plays an important role in assuring the reliability of expert systems. Expert systems verification involves checking the knowledge base for consistency, completeness, and other errors. Our study indicates that in order to verify an expert system, it is necessary to have a conceptual model of the knowledge base. The KADS methodology lends itself to conceptual modeling of the knowledge base, This enabled us to build an automatic verification tool. This tool is able to detect different knowledge base error types. A novel feature of this tool is its ability to detect consistency errors that arise due to using KADS methodology in knowledge modeling.}