Rule-based Approach in Arabic Natural Language Processing

Shaalan, K., "Rule-based Approach in Arabic Natural Language Processing", the International Journal on Information and Communication Technologies (IJICT), vol. 3, no. 3: Serial Publications, pp. 11–19, 2010. copy at


The rule-based approach has successfully been used in developing many natural language processing systems. Systems that use rule-based transformations are based on a core of solid linguistic knowledge. The linguistic knowledge acquired for one natural language processing system may be reused to build knowledge required for a similar task in another system. The advantage of the rule-based approach over the corpus-based approach is clear for: 1) less-resourced languages, for which large corpora, possibly parallel or bilingual, with representative structures and entities are neither available nor easily affordable, and 2) for morphologically rich languages, which even with the availability of corpora suffer from data sparseness. These have motivated many researchers to fully or partially follow the rule-based approach in developing their Arabic natural processing tools and systems. In this paper we address our successful efforts that involved rule-based approach for different Arabic natural language processing tasks.



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