Machine Translation of Arabic Interrogative Sentence into English

Shaalan, K., "Machine Translation of Arabic Interrogative Sentence into English", the 8th International conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications, Cairo, Egypt, American University in Cairo, pp. 473–483, 2000. copy at


The present work reports our attempt in developing a bi-lingual Machine Translation (MT) tool in the agriculture domain. The work described here is part of an ongoing research to automate the translation of user interfaces of knowledge-based systems. In particular, we describe the translation of Arabic interrogative sentence into English. In Central Laboratory for Agricultural Expert Systems (CLAES), this tool is found to be essential in developing bilingual (Arabic-to-English) expert systems because both the Arabic and the English versions are needed for development and usage purpose. The tool follows the transfer-based MT approach. A major design goal of this tool is that it can be used as a stand-alone tool and can be very well integrated with a general MT system for Arabic sentence. The paper also describes our experience with the developed MT system and reports results of its application on interrogatives from real agricultural expert systems.



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