Lexical Error Diagnosis for Second Language Learners of Arabic

Magdy, M., K. Shaalan, and A. Fahmy, "Lexical Error Diagnosis for Second Language Learners of Arabic", The Seventh Conference on Language Engineering, Egyptian Society of Language Engineering (ELSE), Cairo, Egypt, Dec., 2007. copy at www.tinyurl.com/nwmt5xj

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This paper addresses the development of an automated lexical error diagnosis system, which helps Arabic second language learners to learn well-formed weak verbs. The learners are encouraged to produce input freely in various situations and contexts and guided to recognize by themselves the erroneous or inappropriate functions of their misused expressions. In this system, we successfully used constraint relaxation and edit-distance techniques to provide error-specific diagnosis and feedback to second language learners of Arabic. We demonstrated the capabilities of these techniques to diagnose errors related to the Arabic weak verb which is formed using complex morphological rules. Furthermore, the developed system allows for individualization of the learning process by providing feedback that conforms to the learner’s expertise. Inexperienced learners might require detailed instruction while experienced learners benefit from higher level reminders and explanations.

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