Learners and Educators Attitudes Towards Mobile Learning in Higher Education: State of the Art

Al-Emran, M., and K. Shaalan, "Learners and Educators Attitudes Towards Mobile Learning in Higher Education: State of the Art", Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI), India, 11 August, 2015. copy at www.tinyurl.com/j3fsaow

Date Presented:

11 August


In the last few years, the way we learn has been significantly changed from traditional classrooms that depend on printed papers into e-learning relying on electronic teaching material. Contemporary educational technologies attempt to facilitate the delivery of learning from instructors to students in a more flexible and comfortable way. Mobile learning (M-learning) is one of such pervasive technologies that has been evolved rapidly to deliver e-learning using personal electronic devices without posing any restrictions on time and location. Literature that sheds light on using M-learning in various institutions of learning is beginning to emerge. The work in this paper demonstrates the state of the art of the M-learning. It discusses learners’ and educators’ attitudes towards the use and adoption of M-learning. Advantages and disadvantages of M-learning were also presented. The integration and implementation of M-learning with other technological resources has been described. Factors affecting the students’ and faculty members’ attitudes towards the use of M-learning have been demonstrated. Moreover, the new trends and challenges, which are evolved while conducting this survey, are explained.

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