Issues in the Morphological Analysis of the Arabic Passive Verb

Shaalan, K., and E. Othman, "Issues in the Morphological Analysis of the Arabic Passive Verb", The Seventh Conference on Language Engineering, Egyptian Society of Language Engineering (ELSE), Cairo, Egypt, Ain Shams University, dec, 2007. copy at

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Arabic is a strongly structured and highly derivational language. Arabic morphology and syntax provide the ability to add a large number of affixes to each word which makes combinatorial increment of possible words. In Arabic, passive voice is used as a writing style when: 1) the subject is unknown, 2) the subject is unimportant enough to be mentioned, or 3) the author wants to highlight the object. In this paper, the issues related to the recognition of the Arabic passive verbs which impact the automated understanding of Arabic sentences were addressed. An experiment using the Buckwalter Arabic morphological analyzers, one of the mature Arabic morphological analyzer, were conducted in order to highlight the limitations in the analysis of Arabic passive verbs. Results indicated that there exists a need for handling the problems related to the morphological analysis of passive verbs in order to improve the recognition accuracy of Arabic words.



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