Business Continuity Perspective: A Study of IT Enabled Services

Hassan, L. K. A., T. Rahim, and K. Shaalan, "Business Continuity Perspective: A Study of IT Enabled Services", International Journal of Computer Applications, vol. 142, issue 4, pp. 20-26, 2016. copy at


The increasing trends of technological immersion into the businesses lead towards many form of indecisions. The business world required certain planning to overcome the problems and recovery from many disasters accommodating to Information Technology. Businesses required running their tasks with the inclusion of the knowledge and IT within the organization. The respective report is concerned to approach the Information Technology meditation to examine the business continuity in the certain IT disasters. A mixed methodology approach for collection of the data is used in the study in which quantitative and qualitative methods are considered. The outcomes of the study will assist the IT-enabled organization to plan their business activities to abide the misery from disasters.

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