Automatic Morphological Rule Induction for Arabic

Hossny, A., K. Shaalan, and A. Fahmy, "Automatic Morphological Rule Induction for Arabic", The sixth international conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'08) workshop on HLT & NLP within the Arabic world: Arabic Language and local languages processing: Status Updates and Prospects, Marrakech, Morocco, LREC, pp. 97–101, may, 2008. copy at

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In this paper, we introduce an algorithm for morphological rule induction using meta-rules for Arabic morphology based on inductive logic programming. The processing resources are a set of example pairs (stem and inflected form) with their feature vectors, either positive or negative, and the linguistic background knowledge from the Arabic morphological analysis domain. Each example pair has two words to be analyzed vocally into consonants and vowels. The algorithm applies two levels of mapping: between the vocal representation of the two words (stem, morphed) and between their feature vector. It differentiates between both mappings in order to accurately deduce which changes in the word structure led to which changes in its features. The paper also addresses the irregularity, productivity and model consistency issues. We have developed an Arabic morphological rule induction system (AMRIS). Successful evaluation has been performed and showed that the system performance results achieved were satisfactory.



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