Morphological Analysis of Ill-formed Arabic Verbs for Second Language Learners

Shaalan, K., M. Magdy, and A. Fahmy, "Morphological Analysis of Ill-formed Arabic Verbs for Second Language Learners", Applied Natural Language Processing: Identification, Investigation and Resolution, issue Hershey, PA, USA, PA, USA, IGI Global, pp. 1 - 659, 2012. copy at


Arabic is a language of rich and complex morphology. The nature and peculiarity of Arabic make its morphological and phonological rules confusing for second language learners (SLLs). The conjugation of Arabic verbs is central to the formulation of an Arabic sentence because of its richness of form and meaning. In this research, we address issues related to the morphological analysis of ill-formed Arabic verbs in order to identify the source of errors and provide an informative feedback to SLLs of Arabic. The edit distance and constraint relaxation techniques are used to demonstrate the capability of the proposed system in generating all possible analyses of erroneous Arabic verbs written by SLLs. Filtering mechanisms are applied to exclude the irrelevant constructions and determine the target stem which is used as the base for constructing the feedback to the learner. The proposed system has been developed and effectively evaluated using real test data. It achieved satisfactory results in terms of the recall rate.



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