Software Projects

Ghazal, T., T. R. Soomro, and K. Shaalan, "Integration of Project Management Maturity (PMM) Based on Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)", European Journal of Scientific Research, vol. 99, issue 3, pp. 418–428, 2013. Abstractcmmi.pdf

Software development is an industry sector which is typified by rapid change and iterative progress. In consequence a number of project management frameworks exist within the field of software development. Some of these have been developed from existing models taken from other industry sectors and some have emerged over time in response to the rapidly changing needs of software developers and their supporting project teams. This research specifically examined two particular frameworks which are popularly used within software development, the Project Management Maturity (PMM) framework and the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) framework. This research critically compares and contrasts the two and proposes a synthesized framework which draws upon the best elements of both of these models to create an agile framework which encourages best practice and technical precision within software projects. It is determined that a synthesized framework reduces the risks inherent in project management and can be effectively deployed in a range of situations.