Object-Oriented Programming

Shaalan, K., M. Rafea, and A. Rafea, "KROL: a knowledge representation object language on top of Prolog", Expert Systems with Applications, vol. 15, no. 1, pp. 33-46, jul, 1998. Abstractkrol.pdfWebsite

{This paper presents a knowledge representation object language (KROL) on top of Prolog. KROL is aimed at providing the ability to develop second-generation expert systems. The main aspects of KROL include multi-paradigm knowledge representation (first-order predicate logic, objects, rules), inference mechanisms at different levels of granularity, explanation facility, object-oriented database management module, and user-friendly interface. KROL has sufficient expressive power to be used in applying demanding knowledge-based modeling methodologies, such as KADS and Generic Task, which are the major landmarks of the second-generation expert systems technology. Four successful agricultural expert systems have been developed in the last 6 years using KROL. To demonstrate the language capabilities, we present an example of disorder diagnosis.}